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What is a Ducted Air Conditioning system and why do you need one?

So you’ve heard about ducted air conditioning or you know someone with one. Or maybe you’ve done a quick Google search of ducted air conditioners in general. If you don’t know what they are, we’ll explain it here and let you know why you need one. If you know already, consider this a quick primer.

Ducted air conditioners work primarily through a series ducts running through your walls and floor. This can be done through as many rooms as you desire. You will usually have an outdoor unit or in indoor central fan coil unit concealed in either your ceiling or under your floor if you have the space. There is a thermostat on the wall, allowing you to select temperature and other settings individually for each separate space in your house.

The entire unit is concealed, else the unit is housed unobtrusively outside your property. Only the vents will be visible on the inside of your house.

As well as a cooling only ducted air conditioner, you can also choose a reverse cycle ducted air conditioner. These are great as they are capable of cooling your home in summer and heating it in winter.

Ducted air conditioners can also be fitted with inverters which make them much more energy efficient as the inverter allows the air conditioner to maintain a consistent temperature by operating at the speed required. Air conditioners without inverters must keep powering on and off in order to maintain temperature, using up more electricity.

As a side note, if you’re in a modern apartment block, as apartments become more ubiquitous in Canberra, then chances are you already have a ducted air conditioning system. For those not so fortunate, read on. If you already have one, you can bask in the glory of your air conditioning unit.

Consider yourself ready to read about the advantages of ducted air conditioning.

What are the advantages and why do you need a ducted air conditioner?

Given their unobtrusive nature, it can be a lot easier to design or modify the home you want when adding your ducted air conditioner system. You don’t have to decorate around a split system unit. Although unobtrusive, they are still easy to access should they require maintenance or repairs.

Since everyone can control their own temperature and air flow, and you can save on energy and running costs by turning off the airflow for rooms not in use. This is why ducted air conditioning is a great choice for families who respond differently to temperature. With ducted air conditioning, there won’t be one person freezing in the bedroom covered by blankets while someone else roams around the living room sweating in shorts.

Something to consider is that ducted air conditioners are not a “one size fits all” solution and thus cannot be simply bought off the shelf.  Our air conditioning professional will visit your home and design a customised solution, from the size of the air conditioning unit itself to the number of vents that you need, through to the number of zones you feel necessary. The air conditioner is then perfectly tailored to the size of your property, and not too small or too large.

The benefit of maintaining an even temperature is that it’s kinder to your flooring, furniture and pets and some ducted air conditioners are almost completely silent. One aspect that should not be overlooked is that a ducted air conditioning system can add to the marketability and can significantly add to the value of your house.

It’s all about the long term when deciding on a ducted air conditioner. If you need quality in your life, and are planning on being in your house for time to come, one our qualified Canberran technicians can look at your house and design the ducted air conditioning system just for you. There is a good chance you will recoup your costs over time, so it makes sense for a house you plan on living in for the long term.

Contact Southern Air Conditioning and let our experts design the ducted air conditioning system and transform your home today.

Not sure which option is right for you? Get in touch with us online > or call us on 1800 433 163 or read more about how to choose the best air conditioning system for your home.


How to find the right commercial refrigeration mechanic in Canberra

Your fridge is in dire need of repairs. How will you find the right refrigeration mechanic for you?

The best advice is often to check your refrigeration system for issues first. Whether commercial or residential, don’t wait until your fridge breaks down to start looking for a good repair company. Our recommendation is to contact one of our Canberran fridge technicians today to put your mind at ease for all your refrigeration matters.While it might be easier to check what’s wrong with your fridge on the internet or look for a handyman, the results aren’t always correct and you may end up doing more damage. Knowing who to call when your refrigerator has a problem is important. That is why you need a trained refrigeration mechanic in Canberra, like Southern Air Conditioning to check, repair and maintain your cooling system.You need a professional, but you don’t want to pay too much, and you don’t want a subpar job. Whether it’s a fridge, freezer, blast chiller low boy refrigeration that needs repair, we are here for all your fridge repairs in Canberra. In this guide, we’ll tell you exactly the qualities you need to be looking out for. For what is potentially a big-sounding job, it’s not as a difficult task to find a skilled refrigeration mechanic in Canberra as you may believe. To avoid overpaying and getting the job done right at the lowest price, consider the following factors when choosing a refrigeration service company:

1. Get references and check feedback

Never choose a refrigeration service blindly, unless you enjoy getting taken for a ride. References from friends, family members, and even neighbours can give you the lowdown on local companies they have hired in the past. Get as many references as you can to corroborate the experiences people have had, as sometimes a bad experience can be an outlier in an otherwise excellent service.Southern Air Conditioning Canberra is all about its reputation and word of mouth feedback. Check reviews! People aren’t shy about giving bad feedback or having a negative opinion, but won’t necessarily spread the word if they had a positive or neutral experience. These matter, and just remember that just because a business doesn’t have positive feedback, it doesn’t mean the service wasn’t good. Some people don’t go out of their way to post good feedback, but definitely will for a negative experience. Read a few of them, and if there is a pattern emerging, you might want to steer clear of that business.

2. Guarantee or warranty

Make sure you get one of these! Any repairer worthy of your business should offer a guarantee or warranty, in writing, of all the work performed and all parts installed. The company should also specify how long the warranty or guarantee lasts.

3. Qualifications

Before you even begin explaining the problems you are having with your refrigerator, ask your technician about licensing and insurance. This will help you determine if you are working with a qualified person. The professional should carry liability insurance to protect you in the case of accidental injury or damage when taking on a job. Next, ask whether or not the mechanic is certified. Certified mechanics have met minimum training requirements and have proven themselves to be the best in the industry.

4. Experience and expertise

How long has the company been in operation? What type of services does the company offer? These are some of the questions you should ask before proceeding to hire a refrigeration service company. AtSouthern Air Conditioning Canberra, we have been servicing the Canberra community since 2007 with thousands of happy customers. How long a firm has been in business could be a great indication of the quality of their services. A company should also have well trained and accredited technicians who are specialised in your refrigeration system. While you don’t need to look for an old mechanic, consider choosing somebody with a wealth of experience. Several years of experience in refrigerator repairs is great, but the technician should also have relevant experience with your refrigerator. Before you choose an expert, visit or call some of them and explain the problem you’re facing. This will help you get someone who knows more about the unit.

5. Prices

Pricing is likely your most important consideration but don’t make it the final consideration. This is why we have listed it last. Don’t just choose the cheapest company. Alternatively, paying the highest price does not mean you get a quality service. Look for the best overall combination of experience, knowledge, and price. Don’t let a price sway you completely in one direction. While some consider affordability to be the most important factor when it comes to pricing, it shouldn’t be your first thought. An inexperienced refrigeration mechanic may offer a good bargain that may cost you later. Costs may vary from one technician to the next. So, it is very important to ensure you get the project pricing upfront. Get at least three price quotes from three different mechanics to make your final decision.

Most commercial refrigerators are made with proprietary parts that are not accessible to amateur handymen. You want to find a commercial refrigerator repair service company that has the right license and certifications to perform repairs.

That is where Southern Air Conditioning Canberra refrigeration mechanic experts come into play. Call Southern Air Conditioning Canberra today on 1800 433 163 for an obligation free quote!


How to choose the right air conditioner for your home


  • Your locally owned air conditioning experts are here to help
  • Call us for a free, no obligation quote
  • With almost a decade of air conditioning experience, we’re the right business for you
  • At Southern Air Conditioning Canberra, we’re only happy when your air conditioning system is performing at its best. That’s why every system we sell includes a warranty and Canberra 24/7 air conditioner  repair service.


You’ve decided you need an air conditioner in your life—congratulations! Canberra faces high temperatures along with some bone chilling temperatures throughout the year. An air conditioner can make life more comfortable and put your mind at ease regarding the crazy weather swings we can experience. And that is where your local experts step in!


Here is a list of common extras that are available with air conditioners:

  • Remote control – allowing you to control the temperature from afar
  • Timer – the air conditioner will turn itself off at the desired time to help you save on energy bills
  • Dehumidifier – lower the level of humidity in the air for a more comfortable home
  • Reverse cycle – this type of air conditioning can heat and cool to give you year round home comfort
  • Slide-out chasis – allows for easier installation
  • Mosquito traps – keep you protected from mosquito bites
  • Air filter – removes odours, smoke and germs



When choosing an air conditioner, your first consideration should be how powerful the device needs to be to adequately cool your home. Air conditioner capacity is rated by BTU (British Thermal Unit) and power output in kilowatts. Buying the right size unit is very important as air conditioners that are too big will use more energy, while under-sized ones will not cool your room sufficiently.

However, we always recommend contacting us, your local AC experts before making your final decision. Our friendly, knowledgeable team members can help you find the right solution for your home and your budget. You can call us for obligation-free quote.

The three different types of air conditioning systems we have are:


Ducted Air Conditioning

The ACT region’s notoriously cold winters and warm summers are no match for ducted air conditioning.

Ideal for new homes, ducted systems provide easy temperature and zone control. And with vents tucked away in the ceiling or floor, they are more discreet than wall-mounted units.

What makes ducted air conditioning great

  • Central temperature and zone control
  • Set and forget timers across up to six air conditioned zones
  • Even air distribution without hot or cold spots
  • Modern aesthetics that don’t intrude on your home’s design
  • It’s the quietest of all air conditioning options

These are recommended for Offices, New homes, older homes and townhouses.

Ducted air conditioning is often cheaper than installed wall-mounted split systems in every room. It’s a long-term investment too, as they increase your home’s value.


Split System Air Conditioning

For small apartments, single rooms or open spaces, you can’t beat wall-mounted air conditioners.

What makes them great:

  • Popular – more Australians use split systems than any other air conditioning option
  • Affordable – wall-mounted units are cheap to buy and install
  • Flexible – add air conditioning to additional rooms over time
  • Greater temperature control – separately control temperatures in each room with a remote control for each unit
  • Allergy friendly – Ask us about Hitachi’s nano-titanium filters for split systems, designed to reduce bacteria, prevent mould growth and deodorise the air distributed by your air conditioner.

If you only need a couple of wall-mounted units per dwelling, split system air conditioning systems are very affordable.

These are recommended for apartment buildings, single rooms, open spaces and homes in which ductwork is an issue.


Multi-Zone Air Conditioning

Multi-zone air conditioning systems provide all of the benefits of ducted air conditioning in a modular package. Rather than taking up under floor or ceiling space for ductwork, multi-zone systems run for a single outdoor unit with central temperature controls.

What makes this option great

  • No ceiling or under floor space required for ductwork
  • Central temperature controls
  • Separate climate zones

This is the most affordable alternative if you can’t install traditional ducted air conditioning.

These are best for structures that don’t allow concealed ductwork.

Why size matters if you want to be cool during summer and how you can change it

Canberra might be famous for its brisk winters, but it can also be a pretty warm city between November and March. As the weather heats up for another scorching summer, few things are as refreshing as escaping to the cooling comfort of an air conditioned home.

An air conditioning system is a wise investment, no matter where you live. It will help keep your cool during long summer days, and warm during the chilliest winter nights.

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