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What is involved when you want your air conditioner repaired?

You want to get your air conditioner repaired, so what does the process involve? You want to know what is involved as often times your air conditioner is the largest investment inside your house, and can have a house-shaping effect. An air conditioner can increase the value of your home, and so you want a good job done with the maintenance and repair of your air conditioning system. Read more

What is the process involved in installing your new air conditioner?

You’re considering purchasing an air conditioner or you’ve already said ‘yes’. Now you want to know what is involved in installing your brand new system. And rightfully so, because depending on what system you choose, this will forever alter the way your house looks and how you interact with your home. Never leave the process to anyone but a professional!

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What is a Ducted Air Conditioning system and why do you need one?

So you’ve heard about ducted air conditioning or you know someone with one. Or maybe you’ve done a quick Google search of ducted air conditioners in general. If you don’t know what they are, we’ll explain it here and let you know why you need one. If you know already, consider this a quick primer.

Ducted air conditioners work primarily through a series ducts running through your walls and floor. This can be done through as many rooms as you desire. You will usually have an outdoor unit or in indoor central fan coil unit concealed in either your ceiling or under your floor if you have the space. There is a thermostat on the wall, allowing you to select temperature and other settings individually for each separate space in your house.

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How to find the right commercial refrigeration mechanic in Canberra

Your fridge is in dire need of repairs. How will you find the right refrigeration mechanic for you?

The best advice is often to check your refrigeration system for issues first. Whether commercial or residential, don’t wait until your fridge breaks down to start looking for a good repair company. Our recommendation is to contact one of our Canberran fridge technicians today to put your mind at ease for all your refrigeration matters.

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Why size matters if you want to be cool during summer and how you can change it

Canberra might be famous for its brisk winters, but it can also be a pretty warm city between November and March. As the weather heats up for another scorching summer, few things are as refreshing as escaping to the cooling comfort of an air conditioned home.

An air conditioning system is a wise investment, no matter where you live. It will help keep your cool during long summer days, and warm during the chilliest winter nights.

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