How to choose the right air conditioner for your home

You’ve decided you need an air conditioner in your life—congratulations! Canberra faces high temperatures along with some bone chilling temperatures throughout the year. An air conditioner can make life more comfortable and put your mind at ease regarding the crazy weather swings we can experience. And that is where your local experts step in!

Here is a list of common extras that are available with air conditioners:

  • Remote control – allowing you to control the temperature from afar
  • Timer – the air conditioner will turn itself off at the desired time to help you save on energy bills
  • Dehumidifier – lower the level of humidity in the air for a more comfortable home
  • Reverse cycle – this type of air conditioning can heat and cool to give you year round home comfort
  • Slide-out chasis – allows for easier installation
  • Mosquito traps – keep you protected from mosquito bites
  • Air filter – removes odours, smoke and germs



When choosing an air conditioner, your first consideration should be how powerful the device needs to be to adequately cool your home. Air conditioner capacity is rated by BTU (British Thermal Unit) and power output in kilowatts. Buying the right size unit is very important as air conditioners that are too big will use more energy, while under-sized ones will not cool your room sufficiently.

However, we always recommend contacting us, your local AC experts before making your final decision. Our friendly, knowledgeable team members can help you find the right solution for your home and your budget. You can call us for obligation-free quote.

The three different types of air conditioning systems we have are:


Ducted Air Conditioning

The ACT region’s notoriously cold winters and warm summers are no match for ducted air conditioning.

Ideal for new homes, ducted systems provide easy temperature and zone control. And with vents tucked away in the ceiling or floor, they are more discreet than wall-mounted units.

What makes ducted air conditioning great

  • Central temperature and zone control
  • Set and forget timers across up to six air conditioned zones
  • Even air distribution without hot or cold spots
  • Modern aesthetics that don’t intrude on your home’s design
  • It’s the quietest of all air conditioning options

These are recommended for Offices, New homes, older homes and townhouses.

Ducted air conditioning is often cheaper than installed wall-mounted split systems in every room. It’s a long-term investment too, as they increase your home’s value.


Split System Air Conditioning

For small apartments, single rooms or open spaces, you can’t beat wall-mounted air conditioners.

What makes them great:

  • Popular – more Australians use split systems than any other air conditioning option
  • Affordable – wall-mounted units are cheap to buy and install
  • Flexible – add air conditioning to additional rooms over time
  • Greater temperature control – separately control temperatures in each room with a remote control for each unit
  • Allergy friendly – Ask us about Hitachi’s nano-titanium filters for split systems, designed to reduce bacteria, prevent mould growth and deodorise the air distributed by your air conditioner.

If you only need a couple of wall-mounted units per dwelling, split system air conditioning systems are very affordable.

These are recommended for apartment buildings, single rooms, open spaces and homes in which ductwork is an issue.


Multi-Zone Air Conditioning

Multi-zone air conditioning systems provide all of the benefits of ducted air conditioning in a modular package. Rather than taking up under floor or ceiling space for ductwork, multi-zone systems run for a single outdoor unit with central temperature controls.

What makes this option great

  • No ceiling or under floor space required for ductwork
  • Central temperature controls
  • Separate climate zones

This is the most affordable alternative if you can’t install traditional ducted air conditioning.

These are best for structures that don’t allow concealed ductwork.


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  • With almost a decade of air conditioning experience, we’re the right business for you
  • At Southern Air Conditioning Canberra, we’re only happy when your air conditioning system is performing at its best. That’s why every system we sell includes a warranty and Canberra 24/7 air conditioner  repair service.