What is the process involved in installing your new air conditioner?

You’re considering purchasing an air conditioner or you’ve already said ‘yes’. Now you want to know what is involved in installing your brand new system. And rightfully so, because depending on what system you choose, this will forever alter the way your house looks and how you interact with your home. Never leave the process to anyone but a professional!

The installation process will first depend on where you live, because if you live in an apartment with a small balcony or shared walls with other apartments, this may dictate where a new system is installed. If you’re installing within a few metres of your neighbour’s windows or doors, your system will have to be quiet enough to meet the local council noise regulations. You’ll also probably need body corporate approval before you go ahead.

Installation of a ducted air conditioner usually takes 1 – 2 days. If the unit is going in the roof space, tiles or tin sheets usually need to be removed to fit the indoor fan coil inside. A suitable area will be located for the outdoor unit that will be unobtrusive and also in an area that will not annoy your neighbours.

You should note that in some instances you will need body corporate or council approval to install an air conditioner. One of Southern Air Conditioning’s experts will clarify the matter before you even receive the quote.

Here are things to consider when choosing an air conditioner and the process involved in the installation.

How many rooms do you want warmed/cooled?

If you choose a Split System Air Conditioning unit that cools and heats just one or two rooms, think about which ones you’d like them to be. Perhaps it’s your bedroom, for those hot, sticky Canberra nights. Or a home office, where you’ll be working during chilly negative temperature winter days. Or you’d like to control the air in the baby’s room.

You should also consider whether your home layout will stay the same long term, as you don’t want to divide a room into two and then down the track and find that the second room is no longer serviced by the air conditioner you originally installed.

If you want a ducted air conditioner, you will have to decide how to zone your home. This will dictate where the vents will go and where the piping will have to be placed. The controller for the zone motors could sit next to the thermostat or any other convenient location. Other systems can give you control over the temperature of each room using a central touch pad or separate touch pads.

Electrical requirement

Your electrical switchboard and mains will need to be assessed to make sure they can handle the ducted air conditioner. In most new homes this is not an issue but older homes may need an electrical upgrade. Typically a switchboard upgrade will cost approx. $2500. Electrical regulations require upgrade of old mains from the street when a new switchboard is installed.

This will be arranged with your electrical supplier and the electrician. Depending on the size of the unit, some require 3-phase power. Most homes use single phase so this will clarified by one our local technicians before installation.

Look for an energy saving air conditioner

Always concentrate on the energy saving-conditioner, as while it might cost more up front, in the long term the energy efficiency will save your energy bills and save you money. All air conditioners should have a maximum seasonal energy efficiency ratio of at least thirteen but look for the one with fourteen to twenty-two.

What effects the price you will pay?

Here are a few of factors that can affect the price of installing an air conditioner into your home.

  • Number of windows in the specified location
  • Type and size of the unit
  • Brand of air conditioner
  • Amount of cable ducting required
  • Amount of refrigeration piping and interconnecting cable used
  • Accessibility

There are 3 general steps involved with installing an air conditioner

Step 1. Assessment
At Southern Air Conditioning, we know every home is different and that is why before you buy, one of our professionals will visit your home and carefully assess the factors that could affect your indoor temperature. This includes room size, layout and orientation, how many people are likely to be there, type of roofing insulation, number of stories and any glassed areas.

As well as assessing your indoor surroundings, one of our team members from Southern Air Conditioning in Canberra will also look at what’s outside your home, review the ideal location for your outdoor unit. Lastly, they’ll talk you through the installation process and leave you with a detailed written quote, that leaves nothing to chance and with no hidden fees or extras.

Step 2: During installation – Sit back and relax
Once you’re satisfied with your quote, one of our team members from Southern Air Conditioning in Canberra will arrange an installation time that works for you. Once installed, your air conditioner will be thoroughly tested, checking that everything meets the relevant Australian standards, that the piping and refrigerant charge is correct and airflow is properly balanced.

Step 3: After installation
After your Southern Air Conditioning team has installed your new air conditioner, they’ll show you all the ins and outs. They’ll explain how easy it is to operate and leave you with a detailed operation manual for future reference. You’ll be able to call on us anytime if you have any questions.

To avoid any wasted costs, we highly recommend arranging one of our team members from Southern Air Conditioning in Canberra to come to your home and carefully assess your property. They will be able to advise on the best location to install your unit both inside and outside.

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